Parent and Teacher Access

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This section of the website allows you as a parent or guardian to keep up with any updates or reports regarding your child's musical progress. This will allow you to check up on lesson progress, attendance, homework and any other notes from your teacher. In order to access this portal, a username and password is required. If you haven't received an introductory letter from u...
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The Story of Booths Music

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The story of Booths Music goes all the way back to 1832. Only 17 years after the battle of Waterloo and 29 years before the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, this was the time of the turbulent French Revolution. Meanwhile at Hotel Street, Bolton, James and Thomas Booth were setting up shop. The trading years in the 1800s saw many notable dates in the musical world including: the c...
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Drums Students at Clevelands – James Aspinall

Below you should see weekly updates of your child's musical progress. Any details concerning homework, attendance, links or files will be listed under the specific lesson dates. Should you have any questions that you wish to put to the teacher, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. N.B. If you do not see any information regarding your...
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Exam Tips for Musicians

As part of the Booths Music series of useful lesson and exam tips for musicians, here is a handy guide to help with your assessment preparation. Whether it's for ABRSM, Rockschool, Trinity, LCM or indeed any other exam board, these exam tips could make that extra difference in your final mark. Exam Tips #1 Play your pieces for any person willing to listen Whether this is you...
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The Benefits of Learning Music

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The existence of music and the benefits of actively engaging with it are infinite. You only have to do a simple google search to be presented with unlimited research, scientific findings and experiments that explore and prove these benefits. Dig a little deeper and you learn just how deep rooted music is in science, maths and all other academic subjects schools put so much emph...
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Register Yourself as a Peripatetic Teacher

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Should you be on the outlook for a rewarding teaching opportunity, our team is constantly growing and we are keen to welcome vibrant, experienced tutors. TEACHING ENVIRONMENT While it is important to retain certain long standing methods of teaching music in schools (and other surroundings such as UCAN centres and community groups), our tutors are keen to generate a fun and ...
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